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About Prof. Dr Ikram Ullah Khan – Best dermatologist in Islamabad

Prof Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan – top and best dermatologist in Islamabad is a pioneer in introducing Skin Laser Technology in Pakistan. He is the first best dermatologist who established the first best Skin Laser Therapy Clinic in Islamabad with state-of-the-art Laser Machines, latest technology and best dermatologist experience. Prof Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan is an MRCP and FRCP from U.K. which is the highest post-graduate qualification in Dermatology in U.K. He has been trained in the field of Dermatology and Skin Laser Treatment from Birmingham Skin Center which is one of the largest institutes in U.K. In addition to these top professional qualifications, Prof Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan comes with more than 10 years of working as Consultant Dermatologist in U.K.

Why Prof. Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan is the Top Dermatologist in Islamabad, Pakistan?

Many patients don’t know that most other skin specialists have minor qualifications like M.Sc. They have no specialized training in dermatology and are without experience in skin care. They have obtained diplomas in skin care from different countries which are neither recognized by PMDC in Pakistan nor in their own country. Therefore, they are not even eligible for consultant posts as dermatologists in those countries.

Prof. Dr Ikram Ullah Khan brings with him the Best Practices in Skin Care and Dermatology. His Qualifications and Certifications are from Pakistan’s and World’s best skin care institutions, which are the only properly recognized institutes throughout the world.

Prof. Dr Ikram Ullah Khan is one of the best qualified skin specialists of Pakistan and the top Dermatologist of Islamabad. Besides his work as an experienced skin specialist, he also serves as Supervisor & Examiner FCPS, MCPS & MD Training Programs in Pakistan. Not only that, he is the only Properly Qualified dermatologist in Pakistan. Consequently, more and more people join thousands who have benefited at Prof. Dr Ikram Ullah Khan’s clinic for their skin care. Thus, according to Patients Reviews and comments he is enlisted in the top 5 Dermatologists in Islamabad.

Patients get the Best Advice & Treatment

Prof. Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan – Top and Best dermatologist in Islamabad said in one of his interviews, “It’s Important that your dermatologist is very honest with the patients and advises him/her about the treatment to the best of his ability. Unnecessary treatment should be avoided. Complete details about the treatment should be given, even to the extent that the name of the laser used should be provided to the patients. Patients’ well being is most important”. At Prof. Dr Ikram Ullah Khan’s clinic – Top dermatologist in Islamabad – rest assured that you will get the best advice and you will be provided with complete consultation before you go ahead with the treatment.

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