Picoway Candela Resolve Laser

Meet Picoway Candela Resolve, the picosecond laser intentionally designed to work from the inside out

What is Picoway?

Picoway Candela Resolve is actually one of the most exciting developments in the area of fusing laser for non-incisive aesthetic medicine applications. Until now, most of the applications that people have used in non-invasive aesthetic treatments, were based on photo thermal effects, where the energy of the energy-based device is used to heat up tissue and create a thermal injury. What you are able to do is to move from a photo terrible effect to a photo acoustic effect. The reason we can do it is because we shorten the pulse duration to well less than one nanosecond into the regime of hundreds of picoseconds and are able to generate enough energy to very short pulse to get the highest peak power that is available on the market. Picosecond has a big power of pointing gigawatts. This ability to generate this very short pulse of energy with very high peak power. It is really technology that enable us to treat very small partials in tissue with the range of 10 20 nanometers and break them up mechanically rather than creating a thermal injury. This mechanical breakup enables us to remove the tools in a very small number of treatments and do it with a wide degree of comfort both for the patients and the doctor. In addition picoway platform itself is built in a very convenient way that enable future upgrades both in terms of applications and technology that we can put into this laser the device can fit into any clinic, has a very easy and comfortable articulated arm, enables the doctor good visibility of the area being treated and clinical results we have shown are to none with the ability to remove the tools sometimes even in a single treatment.

By far Picoway Candela Resolve has completely revolutionized that space it’s a far superior to the previous generation and q-switched lasers. Beyond tattoo removal one can treat a lot of the night pigmented lesion and especially people with skin of color with the pico a laser and its one of the only laser options really that gives the dermatologist confidence to treat these patients and know that I can deliver a very good result with minimal risk.

Another reason why dermatologists recommend the picoway laser is because it has very good profile and that gives dermatologists as well confidence to treat tracker cases. One very nice thing about the picoway laser system is that it has two capabilities it has the zoom capability as well as the resolve capability and in combination these two technologies are able to give dermatologists a large degree of ability to transform the skin improve skin quality and treat a variety of different things.

Dermatologists very often combine the picoway laser with other laser modalities it blends in very very well, for example with the V-beam it tends to be in fact complementary and the combination of laser treatments with the picoway and other lasers tend to even give a better clinical result. Dermatologists feel one of the important fact that distinguishes the picoway laser from other lasers in this class is and its versatility and its flexibility in terms of how we can adjust every setting in the laser  in and individual way to achieve a very  tailored result firm for our patients and that is very important .

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