Birthmark Blemishes

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Get Ultimate Vascular Solutions from Birthmark  Removal in Islamabad- Pakistan.

Say goodbye to blemishes and Birthmarks with Birthmark  laser Treatment  that targets the birthmarks and pigmentation leaving them barely visible in the Clinic of Prof. Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan. Prof. Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan treats this medical Condition with the latest and state of the art laser technology. Some birthmarks need instant diagnosis and removal like near the eye may interfere with the ability to see. In rare cases, birthmarks are associated with other conditions, such as growths on the liver, lungs, stomach, or intestines.

Many birthmarks cause significant medical problems. Some Birthmarks are kind of tumor that affects the blood vessels. It happens when too many blood vessels develop. Prof. Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan is medical Doctor who treat these conditions with laser, Although some people request surgery to remove birthmarks, few of these procedures occur due to medical necessity and for morbidity to stay in the society with confidence.

What types of skin discoloration are therefore treatable using a laser?

So, Firstly Laser-assisted treatments are making a tremendous mark in the medical industry. So One of the newest applications is to the skin, and the following conditions are safely and effectively treatable through lasers:

Birthmark treatment  in Islamabad- Pakistan:  These blemishes, including birthmarks, port wine stains, rosacea, and spider veins are a result of abnormal blood vessels. Benign pigmented lesions. These are due to a concentration of natural pigmentation, as in melasma, freckles, age spots, and sun spots.

How does the laser remove skin discolorations?

Secondly For a vascular lesion  and birthmark blemishes Treatment the laser light’s heat So, it will seal and shrink the precise blood vessels of the blemish and  over time the body’s natural processes will heal the area with fewer vessels and a more normal color but also Complete removal cannot  achieved in cases of large or very dark blemishes.

The birthmark blemishes Treatment,  pigmented lesions and tattoos is slightly different. Short, concentrated beams of light penetrate the skin’s surface and deeper cells absorb the natural pigment or tattoo ink. These cells will rupture and release the pigment or ink then body remove it. It should note that not all ink colors in a tattoo respond the same laser treatment. Darker colors have the best results, but lighter colors seem to respond poorly.


What can we expect from laser treatment?

Thirdly The use of lasers on the skin is safe and comfortable, however, sometime a local anesthetic is given to ensure the patient is comfortable otherwise Treatment tends to be certainly more painful when applied to vascular and larger lesions. There are a few side effects that occur with laser treatment, and vary by patient. It will leave a discoloration of the area treated, a darkening or lightening depending on the type of blemish, but it is only temporary.

Most Importantly Types of Birthmark:

1- Mole and Warts.

Moles are growths that form when skin cells bunch together with surrounding tissue. Most are called “common moles” and cause no harm but Sometime it leads to Skin Cancer.

Check moles regularly for any changes in their appearance, such as an increase in size or change in color. Anyone who notices changes should let their doctor/dermatologist know so that they can screen for skin cancer.

Prof. Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan treat this medical condition with laser, He First diagnose the reason and then remove it permanently.

2- Hemangioma.

3- Port-Wine Stains.

4- Nevus Of Ota.

5- Blue Nevus

6- Burn and Keloid Scars.

The different lasers most probably used in our clinic for birthmark Treatment in Islamabad- Pakistan are :

In Conclusion Fractional resurfacing is unique in that it works to remove only about 20% of the skin, therefore recovery is quicker. So Birthmark and mole removal in Islamabad- Pakistan is very effective to improve texture and pore size and eliminate brown spots, dis-pigmentation and mottled skin. That is the best recommended treatment for the facial lines that are deeper and it is excellent for older skin. This can use to give hands a more youthful appearance. FDA Cleared this laser for the treatment of acne scars and surgical scars. There can be redness and swelling and subsequent treatments can give rise to for example dryness, peeling or flaking. But these conditions resolve spontaneously.