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Top Dermatologist and the Best Skin Specialist in Islamabad

Prof. Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan is a dermatologist/ Medical Doctor who specializes in treating the skin, hair, and nails. He treats a wide variety of skin conditions from deadly skin cancers to warts. Prof. Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan see the diseases may include chronic disease caused by problems with your immune system, allergic reactions to everyday substances, infections caused by bacteria or a virus, and more. He also help patients who want to help in their Morbid Condition.
Prof. Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan passes the highest post graduate qualification in the field of dermatology from UK. He earned his basic qualification from Pakistan and then went abroad for higher qualification.

  • Basic Education: He attained his MBBS degree from Pakistan.
  • Dermatology Specialization: Dr Ikram Ullah Khan got his formal training in dermatology from UK. He holds an MRCP (UK) and FRCP (Edin),which makes him, one of the few highest qualified skin specialist in Pakistan and the world as well.
  • Dermatology Training: Dr Ikram Ullah Khan worked as Consultant Dermatologistin Birmingham Skin Center, which is one of the UK’s largest skin treatment institutes, for more than 10 years, before finally moving back to Pakistan.

Prof Dr Ikram Ullah Khan- Working in Pakistan

Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan worked in the top hospitals of Pakistan as Consultant in Dermatology.

  • Current Position: He is currently Head of Dermatology Department in PIMS (Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences) Islamabad.
  • Consultation:

    He is also Consultant Dermatology in Shifa International Hospital Islamabad.

  • Clinical Services: He laid the foundations of ISLAMABD SKIN HOSPITALand became the pioneer for introducing Laser skin Technology in Pakistan.

Establishment of First Skin Laser Therapy Clinic:

Prof Dr Ikram Ullah Khan established  Islamabad Skin Hospital, at Islamabad equipped with state of the art, latest technology, laser machines. It was then the first ever Skin Laser Therapy Clinic of Pakistan. Islamabad Skin Clinic is equipped with latest skin Laser Equipment from the top brands in the world like Cynosure, Candela, Lumenis etc. It is therefore, the best clinic for skin treatments and procedures.

Why Prof Dr Ikram Ullah Khan is the Best Skin Specialist?

Prof. Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan is the top dermatologist and best skin specialist in Pakistan who specializes in Laser Skin Therapy. He attended and chaired numerous national and international conferences. He also wrote numerous research articles, which were published in national and international journals. His words are considered final in the field of dermatology, locally and globally because of the prestige earned over the years.

Importance of Right Diagonosis:

Prof Dr Ikram Ullah Khan always stresses on the importance of right diagnosis when it comes to skin treatments. He believes that if right diagnosis is not done than it can create further problem for the patient and one wrong treatment can cause irreversible consequences.

Qualification / Memberships:

  • MBBS, Khyber Medical College, Pakistan.
  • MRCP (UK)
  • FRCP (Edin)
  • Member Royal College of physicians UK.
  • Certified Laser Therapist, City Hospital Birmingham UK.
  • Certified Laser Therapist, Laser Care UK.
  • Member Midland Dermatological Society
  • Member Dowling Club London UK.
  • Certified Medical Practitioner.
  • Certified Dermatologist General Council (GMC) UK
  • Certified Dermatologist PMDC Pakistan

Major Appointments / Positions as Dermatologist:

  • Head of Dermatology Department in PIMS (Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences) Islamabad.
  • Examiner and Supervisor FCPS,MCPS & MD Training Program & Examinations in Pakistan.
  • Pioneer of Introducing Laser & Aesthetic Dermatology in Pakistan
  • Consultant Dermatology in Shifa International Hospital Islamabad.
  • Honorary Consultant Dermatology and Surgeon at PNS Hafeez Pakistan Navy Hospital
  • Supervisor and Examiner of College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan.
  • Registrar Dermatology, Birmingham Skin Center, Birmingham UK.
  • Registrar Dermatology, Middlesex Hospital UK.
  • Senior House Officer Dermatology, Royal Wolverhampton Hospital UK.

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