Laser Hair Removal

Patients with polycystic ovaries have hair on face with great psychological morbidity. Our laser removes hair. According to one study, it can improve polycystic ovary syndrome


Prof. Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan – best dermatologist in Islamabad is the pioneer to introduce laser hair removal technology in Pakistan, He Spent 10 years in United Kingdom and worked in Birmingham Skin Center. In 1997 Laser technology Introduced in United Kingdom Prof. Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan was doing his MPRCP and practice in Birmingham Skin Center at that time. He worked on laser Technology there and after doing the practice he therefore came back to Pakistan and introduced Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Islamabad and known as best skin specialist in Islamabad.

Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hair by means of exposure to pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle.

What is the type of laser used in removing hair in the Skin Clinic of best dermatologist?

Long Pulse Nd Yag (best for removing hair in Asian King) laser hair removal, get rid of unwanted hairsCynosure Elite MPX
Candela GentleMax Pro
IPL or Intense Light
Light Sheer
Syneron E Laser
Gentle Max Pro

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Yes, there is permanent hair reduction.

How many sessions are required for Laser Hair Removal?

It is necessary to have a course of treatment to achieve the desired result. Laser treatment results depends on many factors like area being treated, hair texture, hair growth rate, skin type, timing of laser session, genetic predisposition towards hairy, hormone profile etc. Therefore Touch up sessions might be required in most of cases in Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Islamabad.

Does it hurt during Laser procedure?

No,but it can get uncomfortable, if high fluency is used.

How does the skin look immediately after the laser treatment?

1) There can be swelling-mild to severs. Resolving with or without medications.
2) There can be superficial burns (look like small cut) especially if hair are thick or moderately thick. Resolving with or without topical creams. Leaving no marks behind.

When to come for the next laser session?

After one laser session, hair cannot felt but hairs can plugged in skin.The 2 session after laser sitting is very crucial. When patient starts feeling most of hair coming back  but cannot see them then 2 session will done. It is after an estimated interval of 3-7 days.

Will trimming and shaving make hair texture thick?

No.laser hair removal, get rid of unwanted hairs

What is paradoxical hair growth?

Thin and wispy hair has a tendency to become thick (paradoxical hair growth).If it happen, thick hair eventually becomes thin or disappears.

Can We remove the hairs by any means during laser sessions?

We recommend you not to pluck, thread or wax hair during the laser sessions. Hairs can shaved with a razor. (Female should use a lady razor)

Can we Bleach the hair during or before the treatment?

No. We can not bleach the hair during or before the treatment

Can we treat Grey hairs with laser machines?

Yes,  grey hairs can remove but with another device and different laser machine.

Can laser treat both thick and thin hair?

Yes, laser used in our clinic can treat both thick and thin hair in contrast to some other lasers which lack the ability to treat fine hair.

What about the laser hair removal in Pregnancy?

Yes. It is treating only skin and has no systematic involvement.

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