From the inventors of Q Switched laser Technology Cynosure brings in revolutionary

Firstly The Revlite SI is the most popular and trusted electro-optic to Q switched nd-yag laser  Technology used worldwide.
Revlite SI with its full Wavelength  1064, 532, 585and 650  provides the versatility you need to target both pigmentation and full-color Spectrum of tattoo inks. Moreover the Revlite  smart infinite handpiece allows the operator to adjust Spot sizes in point.  One millimeter increments this makes it easy to select a Variety of spot sizes from small to large according to the target  chromophore for faster and more efficient treatments.

Secondly Revlite also comes with an intuitive touchscreen control  panel that has multiple preset applications that include Melasma. Therefore Revlite SI offers the highest quality homogenous flattop beam profile and the most stable high peak powers to  its patient at Photoacoustic technology pulse or PTP takes power and Short pulse duration to the next level.

Thirdly PTP is exclusive to the Revlite SI and  has a unique dispersion of energy that delivers vary narrow pulse widths at high peak powers. Clinical studies indicate greater efficacy and increased patient Comfort for skin rejuvenation and pigmentation.

Revlite SI can effectively treat all skin type with attractive  result and has a number of treatment applications that include
Epidermal and dermal pigmented lesions

Most Importantly Used for:

  • Non ablative skin resurfacing Wrinkle
  • Melasma
  • Full color Spectrum tattoos
  • Vascular lesion
  • Sun Tan
  • Dark marks
  • Acne scraps
  • Freckles
  • Uneven Skin Tone
  • Under arms darkness
  • Dark elbows
  • Dark lips
    or any of these common problems can be tackled by Reviite Laser. This Laser take away even the tiny hairs on Skin, one you do Revilite Laser it lighten your skin and remove all the hairs also. Result can be seen in just one Session.

In conclusion there is no Downtime of REVLITE Laser, and got very amazing results, It is a skin lightening laser available in Prof. Dr Ikram Skin Clinic.
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