Firstly the erbium laser has emerged as the most desirable type of ablative skin resurfacing technology. It costs is far less collateral thermal damage compared to all other ablative technologies. This factor alone contribute to the urban’s popularity due to a very short patient recovery time.


Secondly the urban wavelength of 29-40 nanometers is highly absorb by the water instantly vaporizing. The water molecules in the skin resulting in a controllable removal of tissue. So this vaporization is immediate and there is very little migration of the thermal energy to the surrounding tissues. So the patient can recover as little as two days depending on the depth of ablation.


The latest resurfacing advancement is a fractional laser.



In this paragraph we are talking about how dose it works.

It involves splitting laser beam into multiple micro beams. These pin sides laser beams strike the skin with more power resulting in deeper penetration but with less surface tissue being effected. So there is less patient healing time than traditional resurfacing treatment. The micro laser beams create a grid pattern of tiny holes in the skin.

The healthy skin between these spots grows over the holes to cause a tightening effect. The holes that are created by laser beams also help to form a considerable amount of collagen due to the high number of disruptions in the tissue.


 Fractional lasers that utilize wavelengths of ten thousand six hundred nanometers. Such as in co2 lasers or non ablative lasers in the 1400 and 1500 nanometers have been represented to produce collagen due to thermal injury.

However the benefit of college Ennis’s does not outweigh the risk of extended redness and patient complications associated with thermal injury caused by these other ladies laser technologies.


Most ladies who receive an urban fractional treatment do not experience this thermal damage and can usually return to normal activities the very next day. Some of the latest studies and fractional resurfacing show that the most dramatic improvement with patients skin has the combination of light urban resurfacing and a fractional treatment.

The fractional treatment:

will reach deep in the tissue causing extensive collagen genesis but only affecting approximately 20% of the surfaces irregularities. So when combined with traditional area resurfacing treatment delivered as a light to medium peel 100% of the surface is treated but the resulting patient downtime is not significantly increased.

The natural AZR can perform both fractional and a traditional resurfacing treatment. Giving the medical professional the choice of providing one or both of these modalities to their patients with unmatched flexibility. The highest power available on the market and a reasonable price point.


In other words the natural AZR and Fractional laser is the right choice for your aesthetic practice.


NATURALASE ERBIUM – Seborrheic Keratosis

Naturalase is the most powerful erbium resurfacing laser in the world with in addition of fractional handset the natural ACR is one of the most versatile, ablative, aesthetic lasers on the market.


The natural ACR is very simple to operate simply requiring the medical professional to choose the fluence of the system. The spa size and the repetition rate after a short practice session to become comfortable with the pace of the system even the novice operator can perform an effective treatment the very first

Birth Mark Removal in Islamabad

In Conclusion NATURALASE ER Erbium Yag Laser Used for 


  • Acne Scars Removal
  • Mole Removal
  • Wrinkle Treatment
  • Skin Resurfacing
  • Small Pox Scars Removal
  • Accidental Scars Removal
  • Seborrheic Keratosis
  • Removal Nevas Sebaceous

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Smallpox Scars removal using Erbium Yag Laser