Ultra Pulse Laser

The most powerful CO2 laser in aesthetic medicine

UltraPulse® can penetrate deeper than any aesthetic CO2 laser. Combined with great versatility, this makes UltraPulse® perfect for both everyday procedures and the thick and complex lesions. When ablation depth is equal, more energy means more excess heat in the tissue. UltraPulse® technology enables the deepest penetration with the lowest energy. This reduces patient discomfort, downtime and thermal damage. UltraPulse® also enables the shortest pulses per energy level further enhancing patient comfort.

CO2 Lasers are used by Physicians around the World to treat a variety of skin conditions. Yet in cases of severe & conspicuous scarring most CO2 devices do not provide sufficient results. Due to low power and longer pulse durations these CO2 Lasers penetrate 1mm only which is not deep enough to treat most scars and their ablation. Its coagulation ratios are often inadequate. This can result in side effects.

Ultra Pulse Laser – Burn Treatment

Introducing Ultra Pulse CO2 Laser with SCAAR (Synergistic Coagulation and Ablation for Advanced Resurfacing) FXTM. a breakthrough CO2 Laser treatment by Lumenis. It has the highest energy, deepest treatment and the best performance.

Firstly Ultra Pulse’s unique SCAAR FX mode enables treatment of a variety of skin conditions which require deep precise treatment. Secondly Conspicuous, complex can be treated most effectively and with minimal side-effects using more energy than other CO2 Lasers, upto 150 mJ per spot.

In Conclusion SCAAR FX reaches far deeper skin conditions with its high energy precision beam. It penetrates 4.0 mm into the skin tissue, which is 4 times deeper than any other CO2 Laser. SCAAR FX reaches the optimal ablation-coagulation ratio replacing scar tissue with normal tissue and minimizing side-effects.

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