Ultraformer III (HIFU)

Ultraformer III HIFU Treatment – Introduction

Firstly Face lifting, wrinkle reduction and body contouring done  with the Ultraformer III HIFU Treatment. So, It is the most advanced and lightest device. Discover remarkable skin tightening and lifting with Multi-Function HIFU Ultraformer III. However It is non-invasive HIFU Treatment.  It makes your skin look upto 20 years younger with visible efficacy and without damaging the epidermis

Secondly Ultraformer III HIFU Treatment is a fast and user-friendly machine. Because It powered by a dual engine system. So It has improved peak power energy.

Thirdly Ultraformer has a unique handpiece mechanism. Its design is very stylish and has even earned the ‘Good Design Reward’. It displays shot count info for treatment record. It adds ease and convenience of the client through voice function.

Fourthly Ultraformer III has a built-in storage space for the different cartridges. Because It has an intelligent interface which can recognize which handpiece is being used. Because It has three different depths (1.5 mm, 3.0 mm, 4.5 mm) to which it can penetrate the skin using different cartridges.

Lastly Because Ultraformer III can reach the SMAS layer of the skin which is the layer involved in the surgical face lifting. So It uses precise micro focused ultrasound waves.  This provides you with a more toned, tighter and smoother appearance.

Face Tightening with Ultraformer III HIFU Treatment:

Firstly it is used for Skin Related Problems

Ultraformer III HIFU Treatment For

  •  Face lifting
  •  Skin tightening
  •  Wrinkles
  •  Pores
  •  Jaw line
  •  Tone improvement
  • Laxity improvement.

Body Tightening with Ultraformer III HIFU Treatment:

Secondly Ultraformer III HIFU  Treatment works on the whole body adding a glow to it and enhancing its loo.k

Areas for contouring

  • Chest
  • Arm
  • Abdomen
  • Flank
  • Thigh
  • Axillar
  • Lower leg
  • Ankle
  • Back.

So, The following are the main highlights of the Treatment:

  • MMFU (Macro and Micro Focused Ultrasound)
  • Face & Body Treatment
  • High Peak Power by Dual Engine
  • Various Multi-Functional Cartridges
  • Automatic Hand-Piece Recognition
  • Faster Shot Speed & Repeat Mode
  • Received the “Good Design Reward”
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