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Hair Lose Treatment REGENERA Activa

Hair Loss Treatment Almost All of us Suffer from Hair Lose at some points in our lives. Most Common Cause is ANDROGENETIC ALOPECIA Or Most Commonly Known As Male Or Female Pattern Hair Lose70% of Men and 30% Women Suffer from this .


Who Does It Work

REGENERA ACTIVA is an advanced Innovative Hair loss Treatment that Uses CAPILLARY REGENERATIVE TECHNOLOGY to Combat Hair Lose.  It uses your own hair Which Contain Cell that Help to Activate Follicle around the Area.  In Other Words it uses your own body`s  ability to produce new hair. This treatment is suitable for both Men and Women

REGENERA ACTIVA is a three step procedure that takes about 30 minutes of your time.

STEP#1: Pain Killer is an injection around the back of Scalp. Three Small Skin sample are the taken from the scalp This sampling process is complete painless

STEP #2: These sample are Mechanically processed by REGENERA ACTIVA device which isolate a few

Hundred thousand cells that have potent REGENERATIVE ability

STEP#3: The solution that contain these cells is then Injected into the scalp area that suffer from hair lose

This is the treatment with Minimum Discomfort and Downtime.  You can Resume your daily activities immediately after the treatment

The REGENERA ACTIVA treatment helps the hair to returnHair Loss Treatment to its normal cycle

Most Patient can see Reduction in hair lose after the initial 30 days followed by improve thickness and density of existing hair and growth of new hair over the next six months.

Another benefit is that this treatment can be combined with other treatment .

It may even lead to a more superior outcome

In conclusion: