Over 80% of Women have cellulite. it’s a very Common Problem now a days. There is a better solution of CELLULASE.

CELLULAZE is a first FDA- cleared Surgical device that substantially  reduces or eliminate the dimple of cellulite in a single treatment. This is the first and only  procedure to attack the very  cause of cellulite and produce superb result after just one treatment. Different than any other treatment CELLULAZE is minimally  invasive highly effective procedure that releases the dimple, Fat removal and tighten the skin. You can see 80% improvement after a single Procedure

A cellulite treatment clinically proven to be more effective. It is a latest Fat removal Technology.

The  Cellulase treatment is the first and only Procedure to attack the  very structure of cellullite

Cellulite occur when underlying  tissue bands stiffen  and the Fat cells they surround enlarge Pushing up against the skin creating that cottage cheese effect. If you have thin skin resulting from aging Cellulite is even easier to see the Cellulaze procedure modifies that structure reducing the appearance of cellulite in a single treatment. During the procedure a tiny laser fiber is inserted under the skin which gently heat the skin and disrupts four melts the fat next the laser releases the fibrous bands that pull down on the skin and create the dimpling effect this release creates the smoother look finally the laser energy stimulate the collagen production to increase your skin’s depth and elasticity for a more even healthier appearance just one treatment produces best  results.

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