TriPollar Radio Frequency (RF) technology is an innovative, proprietary 3rd generation RF technology. TriPollar overcomes the limitations of previous mono-polar and bi-polar technologies. Simple to use and extremely efficient, TriPollar treatments deliver
immediate visible body and facial contouring effects from the first treatment – and long-lastingTripollar Radio Frequency for Body Contouring results without surgery or downtime.

How many treatments are needed?
A typical treatment course consists of 6-8 weekly sessions. Each session takes approximately 30-60 minutes (depending) on the area being treated. The option of maintenance treatments (once every 4-8 weeks) is available to client seeking prolonged, enhanced results.
Does it hurt?

No it feels like a warm message.Tripollar Radio Frequency for Body Contouring
When can the result be expected?
Immediate results are seen in almost all patients during the first treatment.
Further, the desired outcome can be seen over a full treatment course.
Is daily routine interrupted by the treatment?
This is simple walk-in, walk-out procedure with no downtime.