PHOTODYNAMIC THERAPY is the combination of LED (Omnilux) light with a topical medication/sensitizer called aminolevulenic acid (ALA). Before applying the ALA the patient has a microder mabrasion and an acetone facial wash to allow better medication penetration. After ALA application, the patients will remain in a dark room for ½ to 2 hours while the medication is absorbed. After this induction time the medication is activated with exposure to the Omnilux® Blue light (wavelength 415 nM ). Photo dynamic therapy has been shown to be one of the Photo Dynamic Therapymost effective acne treatments currently available and is also being used off-label as an anti aging procedure.What is Aminolevulenic Acid (ALA) ALA is a chemical compound that targets specific abnormal skin cells and destroys them. This type of treatment was originally discovered and used to treat precancerous lesions of the skin. However, it was soon also found to target the cells of overactive overactive sebaceous glands; thus beneficial for even the most severeacne patients.Another discovery was its predilection
for aging cells of the skin. Soon it was being used off-label as an anti-aging treatment with the goal being improvement in overall texture of the skin and fine lines/wrinkles.
When patients and providers follow very strict protocols PDT is quite safe. The most important instruction is that patients restrict their exposure to sunlight or other bright lights for 48 hours after the procedure.