Cellulite is a major worry for the majority of women as once its there its exceptionatop dermatologist, best skin specialist, cellulitelly hard to get rid of. Our Tripollar Radio frequency is the only treatment proven to work effectively.

A course of treatments is recommended followed by a program of maintenance treatments.Over 80% of the adult female population suffers from the appearance of cellulite in the skin. This dimpled, bumpy or pillowed appearance of the skin is due to an irregularity in the distribution of fat in the area and is commonly found on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Cellulite appears early in life and tends to increase through the years.The development of cellulite has little to do with lifestyle, including diet and exercise, though women will notice that cellulite appears more prominent when they gain weight. There is also a genetic predisposition for its development. In addition to cellulite, many women find they have trouble losing weight from localized areas of the hips, lower abdomen, love handles and bra strap area. The advances in treatment modalities today enable us to smooth the skin and remove inches from the body’s contour.

What Are The Causes As skin ages, collagen and connective tissue lose their elatop dermatologist, best skin specialist, cellulitesticity and the skin’s dermis is weakened. The aging process also affects the metabolic, endocrine and vascular systems, which may result in an inability to efficiently discharge waste products. Lymph drainage and micro-circulation are particularly affected. The resulting accumulation of waste products causes alterations in connective tissue and the fat cells which are held in a framework of collagen. Fat cells enlarge, impact blood vessels and cause edema or swelling.