Liquid face sculpting
This is a non surgical face lift done with contouring filters.Liquid Face Sculpting / Dermal Fillers
Dermal fillers
The dermal fillers used in our clinic are all FDA approved.
Is a skin allergy test done before performing the filer procedure?
No skin test needed before treatment as the hyaluronic acid used in the filler is not extracted from animal sources and hence cannot elicit allergic reactions in a patient.
Fill out and smooth away
Nose to mouth grooves
Forehead lines
Frown furrows
Lipstick lines
Crow’s feet
Acne scars
Facial contouring
Lip reshaping/augmentation
Nose reshaping
Lost volume replenishment in cheeksLiquid Face Sculpting / Dermal Fillers
Filling tear trough or hollowing under eyes
Lifting droopy eyebrow & angles of mouth
Chin augmentation
Does if hurt during the procedure?
No, because before starting the procedure , patient has already been asked to put a topical anesthetic (medicine that makes the skin numb).
How long does it take for the procedure to complete?
It varies, But from 10 to 30 min on average.
How long does the effect of fillers last?
It varies,But from 9-15 months on average.
Liquid Face Sculpting / Dermal FillersResults after the filler procedure are final or toush up session is required?
Patient needs to be informed that the treatment may not be the final result depending on the extent of injection related swelling. Touch up treatment is necessary to achieve full correction after about 1-4 weeks.
Are there any side effects?
Erytherma, swelling, pain, bruising or tenderness at the implant site. These can be mild to moderate and typically resoive spontaneously a few days after the filler procedure.