Treatment Of Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a disease which can cause skin cancer if not treated


Vitiligo is a Skin condition in which Patches of whitened skin or unpigmented skin are present on various parts of the body . Therefore it is treated otherwise it damage your personality. Treatment of Vitiligo Treatment in Islamabad- Pakistan is now available in Prof. Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan Skin Clinic.

What is vitiligo/Phulbheri?

Vitiligo is a relatively common skin disorder, in which white spots or patches appear on the skin. The spots are caused by destruction or weakening of the pigment cells thereby, resulting in the pigment either being destroyed or no longer produced.

Many doctors and researchers believe that vitiligo is an autoimmune-related disorder. More and more research is done every year but doctors are still not sure what exactly causes the autoimmune response. Vitiligo affect the color of the skin only. The texture and otherĀ  skin qualities remain normal.vitiligo treatment in pakistan

What does vitiligo look like?

Vitiligo appears as uneven white patches on the skin, that may vary from lighter tan to complete absence of pigment. Many people develop vitiligo bilaterally, in other words, if it appears on one elbow, it often appears on the other elbow.

Instead of this segmental vitiligo are patches which develop in only one area or on only one side of the body.

What is Melanin?

Melanin is a dark brown pigment of skin and hair in animals, particularly vertebrates . Tyrosine amino acid made up the melanin. Melanocytes are special cells which synthesized and store melanin.

What are the symptoms of vitiligo?

People who develop vitiligo notice white patches or spots (depigmentation) on their skin. However, there skin remains of normal texture. Some people experience itching in areas where depigmentation is occurring. Also, the white patches are more obvious in sun-exposed areas that includes the hands, feet, arms, legs.

Vitiligo Treatment in Islamabad- Pakistan is therefore available in Prof. Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan Skin Clinic with Excimer Laser. Do Visit the Clinic.

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