Hyaluronic Acid skin rejuvenation
The product used in our clinic for this purpose are MESOLIS PLUS, a fourth generation rehydrating filler, one of the latest antiaging product launched by Anteis and RESTYLANE VITTAL by Q Med.
Hyaluronic Acid Skin RejuventionWhat is the composition of rehydrating filler?
It is composed of hyaluronic Acid.
It is in a gel form.
What is hyaluronic Acid?
It is a naturally occurring hydrating agent widely distributed in skin. It binds water and keeps the skin hydrated and toned.
As we age, our skin cell lose their ability to produce hyaluronic Acid. As a result, skin dries out and wrinkles appear.
What are the benefits of this rehydrating treatment?
Removal of fine lines wrinkles on the face and neck.
Delay the onset of future skin wrinkling.
Improvement of dark circles/tear trough.
Reduce the intensity of pigmentation on face, neck, underarms and bikini Area.
Give a natural glow to the face.
Improve the signs of aging on back of hands, neck and cleavage.
Rehydration of lips improving dark and cracked lips.Hyaluronic Acid Skin Rejuvention
Instant hydration of very dry skin.
What body areas can be treated with this rehydrating filler?
Face lips, eye area, neck, back of hands, feet, decolletage (cleavage), under arms and bikini area.
How is it given in the skin?
The filler is placed in a superficial and deep layers of skin, injecting very small amounts at various sites.
Does it hurt during the procedure?
No, because before starting the procedure, patient has already been asked to put a topical anesthetic
(medicine that makes the skin numb).
How does the skin look immediately after the treatment?
It looks red and bumpy as there are various blobs and bleds made in the Hyaluronic Acid Skin Rejuventionskin to deposit the rehydrating filler in the skin and it can just gibe mild redness and no bumps if restylane vittal is used.
There can be bruising if used around the eyes on neck.
When do bumps and bruising disappear?
It needs 3-5 days for injected filler (bumps) to get evenly distributed in the skin.
Bruising might take few days to resolve but can be camouflaged by makeup.