Fractional Resurfacing laserFractional-resurfacing technology uses the light of a laser to the skin to improve skin texture and remove pigmentation. Applied to a small fraction of skin at a given time, the energy of the laser system stimulates collagen in the skin and rejuvenates the skin cells below the skin’s surface. It helps smooth out the creases that cause wrinkling and scarring.

What is the type of laser used in this procedure?

It is Erbium Yag laser.
How does this laser work?
By creating microscopic wounds (400 microns) within targeted areas well beneath the outer layer of skin, fractional laser treatments trigger the body’s natural healing process accelerating the production of collagen and new healthy skin cells.
What is the laser used for?
Pigmention (Melasma/freckles/post acne marks)
Acne scars & other kind of scar
Stretch marks
Does the laser treatment hurt?
It is a painful procedure.
Fractional Resurfacing laserWhat is done for pain management?
Patient is asked to apply the topical anesthetic generously
on the area to be treated about 1/2 hour before the procedure starts.
Cold air is also used to alleviate pain.
How long does it take to treat the whole face?
About 5-15 minutes.
How many treatments are required in wrinkles, strech marks & acne scars?
On average 4-5 sessions spaced about 2-3 months apart for wrinkles, stretch marks & acne scars.
What kind of results are seen in post acne marks?
More than 50 to 90% of the post acne pigmentation oozes out in just one session & the patient starts seeing the results after the end of 2nd or 3rd month of having laser treatment.
What kind of results are seen in melasma?
If it suits the skin, something which is evaluated at the end of one month of doing a laser spot testing, most of the pigmentation oozes out in just one session.
Fractional Resurfacing laserHow does the skin look like immediately after the treatment?
It looks red. There might be some swelling.
When does the skin get back to normal?
After 3-7 days, skin starts flaking off, revealing new skin beneath.
Can makeup be applied after the treatment?
Preferrably no. But if it is very necessary, it can be applied and removed afterwards with glyserin and rosewater.
When does the patient start seeing results?
Results will be seen from 3rd to 4* month.