Best dermatologist in Islamabad – Prof Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan  uses this Type of laser a state of the art 4th generation long pulse ND Yag laser, (Accelra Mode ) which is used for Asian skin type. Skin Specialist have a best treatment for all type of skin diseases.
What are the benefits of this procedure?
Toning, tightening and texturing of skin.
Removal of fine lines and wrinkles.
Removal of fine dermatologist in islamabad, skin treatment
Reduction of open pores.
Give natural glow to face.
Delay the appearance of future wrinkles by boosting up the collagen synthesis.
Does the treatment hurt?
What Is the treatment protocol?
5-6 weekly treatment sessions followed by a touch up session after every 1-2 month. There can be variations in this treatment schedule.
How does the skin look immediately after the treatment?
There can be mild redness which goes away in few minutes.