Picoway Candela Resolve Technology in Pakistan

Prof. Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan introduced the PICOWAY Candela Resolve Laser Technology first time in Islamabad Pakistan. This is a very advanced and latest technology used for wrinkles, open pores, skin rejuvenation,  malesma, tattoo removal and many skin issues , 99.9 % results and no downtime. Prof. Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan demonstrating and answer our common questions about picoway technology in this article.

How do you explain PicoWay to your patient?

The PicoWay laser is a pico second laser that uses innovative technology to treat a variety of skin conditions. It uses a very short pulse with very high energy and this allows the laser to breakup any abnormal skin pigments or unwanted tattoo inks. It also has a holographic lens which allows me to resurface skin so which means that the laser can help to smoother any skin irregularities, any wrinkles any scars, they can also rejoined skin. So basically the PicoWay laser is safe and efficient laser to treat on number of skin conditions.

Why PicoWay is your choice of picosecond laser?

The PicoWay is a pico second laser which is actually innovative technology to treat on number of skin conditions. This laser uses very high energy which pickup unwanted pigments as well as unwanted tattoo inks. It can also use to resurface the skin using the holographic lens which mean that the laser can smoother any irregularities in the skin, it can also smooth the scars acne surgical scars, and it can also remove fine wrinkles. In addition it can also be use on normal looking skin to rejoined skin, hence I will say that the PicoWay laser is a safe and effective laser to treat on number of skin conditions.

How soon can patient see the result?

Most patient should be able to see some improvement after their first session. Microscopic studies after the laser has shown changes occur as early as 24 hours and I can go on to 24 hours and most of these abnormal pigments tattoo inks will be eventually remove when the skin (redeemed) phobic period.
The number of session that a person will need to clear depletion were depend on what we are treating for instance if we are treating just like black or brown pigments like freckles they should be able to  have complete clearance in one or two sessions. If you are talking about deeper pigmentation or if you are talking about acne scars then they can see probably better results after 3 or 4 sessions. And for tattoos, most tattoos have about 25 clearance after around 4 sessions.

What can PicoWay Contribute to your practice?

The PicoWay laser is I think superior to other pico lasers in the market for many reasons:
Firstly it is the only laser that has shortest pulse duration and a highest pigment power, which means it allows me to effectively treat lesions with the lower flounce and which also means that if I use lower flounce I have less side effects.
Secondly it has three wavelength which allows me to treat a wide variety of skins problems. If I want to treat something that is very superficial. I can use the superficial 532 wavelength, if I want to treat something very deep into the skin I can use the longer wavelength 1064 and 785 wavelength which is a latest edition allows me to treat like green tattoo ink and blue tattoo ink, and I think going forward probably effective to treat several pigmentary conditions like Malesma.
Thirdly the laser has two holographic lens in two different wavelengths, so this holographic lens can keep up very high energy in an affectionate mode, and it allows the skin to remodel and it allows me then to rejoined skin removing like abnormal pigments smoothing a wrinkles and also acne scars.
And lastly it has wide range of tunable pulse spot sizes so again it allows me to change energy levels to the different skin conditions and a different skin type.

Who needs PicoWay?

I feel that almost everybody will benefit from PicoWay treatments. If you have problems like every constant tattoos or if you have an abnormal skin pigments you can use the laser to clear them. If you have things like skin irregularities like acne scars or fine wrinkles or sign of itching you can also use holographic lens to improve. If you have no problems we can also use it to improve overall skin texture, so in my opinion almost everybody will definitely benefit from this laser.

What results can the patient expect after PicoWay treatment?

After PicoWay treatments patient should be able to see a batter clearance of the skin in a more efficient way. And they can also be able to see improvement in skin texture and sign of Ageing and all these things can be seen with less sessions with less or minimum discomfort with less downtime and almost no side effects as compare to existing lasers in market.

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