Prof. Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan shared his experience in one on his interview, that what was the reaction of Pakistani people when he introduce the laser technology first time in Pakistan. He said”  I came into Pakistan in 1996 and I joined PIMS at that particular time. The reaction when I introduce laser because I knew that well that particular time I have had almost 10- 12 years of experience with laser . and I was very optimistic about its introduction into Pakistan and the way I can treat people over here  because most of the patients that I came across were with here are abnormal hair growth on the face that is a very very significant problem that particular time and still it is I have seen marriages break down due to this particular problem. I have seen many young beautiful girls not getting married because they have beard on the face. So I introduced 1st laser designed was hair removal laser. And that time laser  was not something that was commonly understood. Or in fact many of the intellectual also did not know what is laser and what particular this machine do because on that time hair removal were remove with other technique likes electrolysis that leads to scaring and that is very slow process and leads that the result was also not good or in fact the result were such that it would be lead to scars formation so hair on the face better then having a bitter scars on the face.

So I introduce laser but there lot of myths at that time. That what would laser do to the skin, burn the skin and most common myth is that  laser lead to skin cancer. And what particular is because huge machines and lights is coming out and slightly and that time was painful also. We have to cool the skin. So there are many different questions about the lasers.
Would it effect the patient pregnancy or would it have any effect on the patient of childbearing age on the outcome of pregnancy. So there were many myths associated. And one of the most common myth that it would lead eventually to skin cancer. So I have to explain the patients.

This is light this is not rays. People sort of equated with X-Ray machine because to much rays can cause to skin cancer. So that time you this was a most popular myth that it can lead to skin cancer so, I have to explain these are not rays actually.

Now laser is very common and effective for unwanted hairs  and every one have the knowledge about the laser and its benefits. Laser become very common when need to remove the hairs.    To Know More about the laser and for live laser treatment sessions subscribe our you tube Channel:

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