Prof. Dr. Ikram Ullah – Best dermatologist in Islamabad tells in one of his interview that before come into Pakistan i was working in United Kingdom for ten years did  my membership of MRCP from there and I was working in Birmingham skin hospital and take my way back in 1987 and I have been there in UK from 1987-1996 spent ten years there. In 1997 for the for the first time laser was introduce in united kingdom and Birmingham skin hospital at that time was the one of the very few centers that started introducing laser in field of dermatology. And that time I was a registrar in that particular hospital.
And I was assigned with the particular task to surf in order to come experiment with different skin condition and how we can treat that with different types of lasers. So most of common conditions of that time which we would treat lasers were like Tattoo is very common in united kingdom particular Tattoos then I started treating viral warts with lasers and the concept and that which I had in my mind and I proof that scientifically that we can stop feeding the blood vessel to a viral wart with laser that is a pulse dye laser we can actually destroy the viral wart and the very fruitful. In fact because that’s again very common problem. So on their of many other applications which we started using laser for like wrinkles on the face acne scars used that time carbon dioxide laser for removal of acne scars and wrinkles and skin. And the result for very promising at that time.
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